For anyone new to my website, I am happy to offer a FREE HALF HOUR SESSION to clarify any questions or doubts you may have as to whether this approach is right for you. Or indeed if you are uncertain as to whether to sign up for a group session or would benefit more from meeting privately. Please do feel free to get in touch so we can discuss accordingly.

Private Session Information

The recording of any private session is left to the preference of the participant.

These sessions will be tailored according to your needs. Starting with a holistic approach, including both practical and philosophical tools, this will allow for the fine tuning of what suits you best and equip you with life skills to reduce your stress and help you function more effectively.

Group Session Information

All group sessions are recorded and the audio links sent to the participants present. Group sessions are open to newcomers who wish to attend. These sessions vary depending on the day, all include time for meditation, Q & A, and some also include taking a look at various chosen Vedic texts as well as breath-work. Please feel free to contact me for more details on specific sessions.

If you wish to form your own group with three or more people that can be discussed.

Private Session Fees

Private session (also permitted for couples)

One hour counselling £50 (meditation & breath-work can be included in this time if you wish).

15% discount offered for advance payment of 5 private 1 hour sessions = £212.50

One hour counselling + half hour meditation and breath-work £70

15% discount offered for advance payment of 5 private 11/2 hour sessions = £297.50

Group Session Fees

Group session
One hour discussion plus an optional half hour meditation & breath-work.

£15-£30 (depending on your means)

Group session
45 min meditation/meditation talk/breath-work only

£10-£20 (depending on your means)

Please note: these 45min sessions are free of charge for those who are regular participants in other sessions.

Meditation Talks

In addition to private and group sessions, I also offer access to a catalogue of over 200 recordings of my meditation talks, each lasting 10-20 minutes, with new clips being added on a weekly basis.

If you are not a participant in other sessions, but are enjoying these recordings and would like to make an offering…

It would be much appreciated!

Thank you.


Please either use the Paypal link below. Or contact me for the required bank details to transfer funds directly, via another payment mode of your choice.

Cancellation Policy

If for any reason you need to change your scheduled meeting, so long as you reschedule at another time there will be no change of time or date fee.

If you wish to cancel altogether and not reschedule, there will be a 50% charge, if done so in under 24 hours of your original booking.