Non-duality (from the Sanskrit advaita) literally means not two. The philosophy of advaita dates back to 3000 + years ago

The principle of non-duality runs at the heart of many philosophic and spiritual traditions including aspects of Vedanta, Non-Dual Tantra, Hinduism, Buddhism, Kashmir Shaivism, Christianity, Sufism and Taoism. All point to the fact that the essential nature of one and all is the same pure being, also known as pure awareness.

Pure awareness is the fundamental truth and essence of all things. It is infused with the power of infinite potential, that when channelled through self-enquiry and meditation, liberates our mind and allows us to overcome the numerous internal and external conflicts that invariably preoccupy us. Thus enabling a fluidity of understanding to be present that equips us to cope with all situations, no matter how difficult.

We can take the traditional vedantic example of two clay pots. Though each is different in shape and size, both are made of the same original material. Taking this as a metaphor for life, it becomes an example of how, though as humans we all appear in different forms and perceive and experience everything in our own unique way. It is also possible to not lose site of the fact that in essence we are all the same, and that which is the same transcends all dimensions of differentiation.

Through self enquiry and meditation one can become aware of this essential unchanging nature of being, the nature and awareness of which is timeless, ever present, free from cause and effect, gain and loss, and most importantly, free from fear and doubt. The immediate recognition of Pure Awareness being eternally aware of Pure Awareness is known as The Direct Path.